Our Story

 We believe that all kids are creative and need artistic expression to thrive.  

That is why we started iHeartArt, A brand-new line of premium quality affordable art materials specifically for older kids who fall between young kids and young adults.

iHeartArt empowers young artists by:

  • Offering exceptional quality art supplies at affordable prices
  • Including Technique Guides in every supply
  • Giving back so that kids in need can create
  • Celebrating kids’ art on all our packaging

 We believe that expressing yourself through visual art is not only a wonderful emotional outlet, but it also builds a great foundation for other intellectual pursuits as research shows.  We believe that kids can make great art and they shouldn’t be limited by their materials.  They need serious supplies at reasonable prices.

 We believe that knowledge is power.  That is why we include Technique Guides in all of our supplieswith detailed step-by-step project ideas to help demonstrate new concepts and techniques and give kids the confidence to try and master new materials. 

 We believe that all kids should be able to create. Unfortunately, we know that not every kid has access to the materials they need to put their ideas onto the page.  That is why for every item you buy, iHeartArt will donate 5% of its profits to Art Feeds International, which provides art lessons, training and supplies to artists that could not otherwise afford them.   To find out more about Art Feeds and their incredible mission, check out our GIVING page.

 We believe that kids’ art should be celebrated. That is why we honor young artists and feature real art by real kids on each package. No two packages are alike, much like the young artists who’ve provided the work. Our goal is to use youthful artistic expression to speak directly to the hearts and minds of those we want to serve.  

 Kids are creative geniuses. Let’s empower them to tap into their artistic potential! 

To learn more or for wholesale orders please
contact us at info@iHeartArtSupplies.com